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Curvemeister 3

Curvemeister is a plug-in for Photoshop and Elements. It will help you use color curves to improve the colors of your digital photo images.

Screen Shot, Rose small

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Get ready for curves on steroids, packed with features designed to make your images look better, and accomplish this with less effort and more fun.

Curvemeister is a Windows Photoshop and Elements plugin that greatly enhances the familiar curves interface. It supports a rich set of features that makes color correction faster and more fun for beginners as well as professionals.

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Curvemeister 3 requires Windows 2000 or later and Photoshop 5.5 or later, or any version of Elements. The Elements only version of Curvemeister 3 will not work with Photoshop.


The Curvemeister 101 Class

Monday, September 28th , 2009

The next Curvemeister 101 class starts

the next class date will be announced shortly

This is a six week class that covers a wide range of Curvemeister features, including new features such as the new interface, masking. more...


With Curvemeister is is easy to use the Hue clock to spot poor flesh tones, and pinning to fix them, all in a matter of seconds.



This image was taken using bounce flash, and although the skin tones are acceptable, they could be better.

Use Curvemeister's Hue clock to evaluate skin tones (in this case a bit on the under saturated and pink side), and pin the color as shown above to quickly fix it

.Interested in more details? See the manual for the procedure used for this image.

Move the mouse over either image to see the result of using a single flesh tone pin.

With Curvemeister, pinning is fast and accurate in both RGB and Lab. This correction happens to be in Lab mode, and the original image was RGB before, during, and after running the Curvemeister plugin..


A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, and what about the red channel?



Red flowers are notorious for loss of detail. In this "pedal to the floor" example, Curvemeister is used to add an extreme amount of detail, contrast, and color.


We've all been stumped by an image whose colors were off, and we didn't know why. Curvemeister's Hue Clock provides you with visual feedback on whether flesh tones, foliage, skies, and other common colors, and what you can do to fix them.

Experts will appreciate the efficiency of Curvemeister. Use the built-in threshold function to locate your image's highlight and shadow. Do your corrections in Lab, HSB, or the new Wide Gamut CMYK color space, all without converting your image (or layer within an image) to another color space. Curvemeister supports CMYK images too.

After you purchase Curvemeister, and start to discover its power, you will enter a new world of curves and high quality, aggressive image correction will open up!

Here's the rose image curve, again in Lab mode, and with the original image in RGB mode at all times. This is not a composite screen shot - Curvemeister actually allows you to show all of the curves at once, and at any size you wish!

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For best viewing, adjust your monitor until you can see all the squares.

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